Each of my six weblogs use the same templates. If I want to add something to one or two I need to add it to all. I'm writing "about" pages for each weblog. They'll let me deal with frequent questions, attacks, comments by pointing to a special page when the topic is one I'm weary of repeatedly redefining for strangers.

This is a first draft only.

Pansexual Sodomite FAQ

Why do you write this?
Why weblog?

You're a queer aren't you?
That is why sodomite is part of the title. Queer, gay, fag, homo, pansexual are all labels I'll answer to. Homophobic comments are deleted.

What sort of pretentious nonsense is pansexual?
Read my definition.

So you're bi?
No, if you don't understand don't let it bother you and don't bother me.

Do you really fancy nancy boys?
And how!.

You can't really be an atheist, nobody can.
Sigh. Read the Gullibility FAQ.

Who would employ somebody like you?
I would. I own a used bookshop.

Do you do anything besides write in these weblogs?
I have my diversions.

What a rude SOB, you didn't respond to my comment or email.
Perhaps the comment didn't seem addressed to me personally. Or any assent or disagreement I felt was too mild to evoke a response. I answer almost every email that isn't from a 'phobe or a crank. Perhaps it didn't arrive or got caught by my spam filter.

You bastard, deleted my comment!
You might've tried to save my soul, called me a faggot without being one yourself or your comment might've been misplaced. I don't know why some people think this is a dating service.

Aside from occasional queer content here in my other weblogs have these sections:

Lesbian Gay Bisexual
Gender Outsiders
Gay Weblogging
Gay Themed Diversions

Feel free to ask a question, make a suggestion.

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Thanks, for reading my website. Nice to see other gay men with blogs. Wow, that almost sounds sexual.

what is the point of having a website about bisexual people? is it to ease peoples curiosity or is it just a hobby as u said? also do u attend gayday? and are you descriminited against as most people claim because you are bisexual, and if so why would you publisize it? isnt that useless, wouldnt it just make people dislike you more?

Why would I care if the average moron disliked me more?

I am finally getting up to courage to write this. I have read several items and actually printed the one about Pansexualism. I feel less like a misfit but still not pigeon holed yet. I also had an afinity for this article because I live in the same city as Mr.Lee, and would dearly love to talk to someone who might understand my plight more. I was born female, but since the very beginning of my existance in memory, I have felt male. I had the cowboy outfit and all the other male inspired clothing I could get as a child. I remember being asked to dress in my best for pictures in kindergarten, and when I came in my cowboy outfit they admonished me, took my cloths off and put me in another girls dress. That was devistating! That was in 1971. I had the girlfriend in kindergarten, but she was the girl and I was the boy. As I grew, I tried to come to grips with what I was supposed to do and look like, but I could never pull it off. In a dress I felt like I was in drag.The breast got in the way of what would have been a fine set of Pecs. Damn them! Thinking I was a gay female, I went to the bars but never was truely attracted to lesbiens. I always stood on the outside looking into the clicks that girls seem so fond of creating. I preferred straight women. I strike out there most of the time. I married to see if I could act my way through normalcy. I find I can orgasm with both, but I don’t feel like a woman with a man or a woman. I am actually attracted to gay men in a way. All my friends in youth were gay men and I felt most comfortable with them. I was not a fag hag, because that seems more like a straight woman’s moniker. I prefer seeing two men together if I ever do watch porn, but that is rare. I have always been interrested in gender reassignmet but never thought that would rectify anything either. I still wouldn’t have the right equipment for a gay man or a woman. I would just be a different kind of freak. To make things worse, I have been with a post-op M to F for the last 4 years. Because of the mutilation that happens with this surgery, no feeling from the waste down caused a riff in our sexual relationship. He regreted it so after meeting me and is now pulling away so her life can resume again. He realized he was running away from homosexuality. The last thing she wanted was to be a lesbien! When I felt the he in her come out, I felt the power and manhood that was hard wired from birth. The odd thing was, that person inside brought out the female in me. Aint life grand. The regret was overwhelming. We both brought out what the other needed, but post surgery mamed him for life. We both feel a bit dead now. The only man I think I could have really loved changed into a female. I thought she was a straight female when I met her, and somehow I wooed her. What I was wooing was a bisexual man who made the worst mistake of his life. Now I find myself oddly attracted to pre-op transsexuals. At leat in my fantacies. Maybe I am wanting to experience what could have been with my true love before the castration. Anyway, I got it off my chest. I don’t recomend any pre-op getting this surgery. I have seen the devistation it causes. She is too big for most men to be attracted to. She can’t have sex anyway because the opening is painful, not big enough, and has no sexual feeling. She has no energy, is getting fat the way a man would, and has no sex hormones because she can’t stand the way they make her feel. I have to accept the female hormones I have, thought I long for a bulky, hairy body. We have both lost and are floundering until we die. We both talk about how we can’t wait for this life to finish. Maybe we can choose another existance. Anyway, I should stop. That is enough catharsis.

Dearest Richard, Thank you for reaching out to me. I am so very lonely these days and this little foray into the internet has been enlightening. I feel as though I can write to you without my guard being up. I appreciated everything you wrote. Because of my ex’s anonymity issues, which I will respect forever, I have had no one to talk to. I can now see why people get hooked on the computer. I prefer loving someone, but since I am alone in Savannah, I have finally started looking up information of which I am curious. I have experienced deep and convoluted problems that can apply to many topics that you have written about. Since I have hours of time these days, maybe I will visit you via your medium more often. Another problem with being alone so much is that I have a hard time knowing when to stop talking/writing. I am a bit starved for stimulus in so many ways, so, on that note I will end and thank you once again for you generosity of spirit.


Hello. This feels a little weird, but my name is Sarah and I’m writing you from Denmark, Europe. I just happened to see that you had a picture by Pierre et Gilles on this site, and I was wondering if you happen to know a lot about them? The thing is, I’m about to write an assignment about them, and would like to hear others’ views on interpretations of their pictures etc. If you could and would like to help in any way, you can write to sarah-b@ofir.dk. It would be much appreciated. Thank you, and sorry for interrupting:) Best, Sarah

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about About.

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Other Entries

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