Androgynous Creature

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When I first glimpsed this strange angelic creature I thought that I was repelled. But my interior plethysmograph put the lie to that. I was aroused.

Strange hermaphroditic angel.

At first I thought it was an image of some species of hermaphrodite. Noticing the feet showed me otherwise.

Face beautiful but sad: perhaps from the disarrangement of the body.

He bears serpents as well as wings. Is he some androgynous incubus come to tantalize us to damnation?


It may be a depiction of a seraphim- a six winged angel of he highest angelic choir.

And, of course, being an angel, it would a beautiful, masculine, but ultimately genderless creature.

As for the serpents, the word “seraphim” is Hebrew for “burning ones” and is used both to describe this class of angel as well as general term for poisonous snakes.

Blessed or be-damned is entirely up to interpretation. Records were not well kept during the War of Wrath, but one might conjecture that even seraphim fell.

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Pansexual Sodomite
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Androgynous Creature
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