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Iím not sure where my strong conversion to androgyny comes from. When I was first out it was the nelly boys who took me into their bed. It might have been adaptation. But the earliest beautiful young men I can remember were all in a fey way. And my childhood upbringing biased me against strong manliness which may have pushed me in the other direction.

Androgynous women are lovely. One of my aesthetic-erotic barriers in appreciating the surface of many women is that their hips seem too wide.

Actually I donít see long hair on a guy as feminine. I just plain love long hair. It registers even when I see a butch guy.

Yes, I value artificiality for its own pleasurable sake.


I’m a men’s long-hair fan, too, because it is predominantly masculine to me. My favorite is anything single-length (no bangs or mullets!), well cared for but simple.

It took me until my late 30s to let my own grow. Living with it (currently it reaches to 4 inches above my waist) has led me to appreciate its softness and flow. I like the idea that it has its own personality from day to day that doesn’t include the razor-sharp precision of many current men’s styles.

I haven’t had long hair myself in years. My hair is extremely curly and it takes constant care just to get it near the shoulder.

I envy you, hair that long is a rare gift and always a treat to see.

Letting it grow ended up feeling parallel to coming out — just letting something be that was meant to be.

I used to wonder why more guys didn’t do it before I took the plunge (in my mid 30s). Having it taught me how many guys would love to do the same but can’t for whatever reason.

Some of us just don’t have the right genetics even with detanglers and conditioners.

Caught your comment on the Civil Marriage weblog.

Hey man! This site rocks! I have a total thing for femme bois and butch girls, being here makes me feel less like a total freak, thanks!

There’s nothing freakish about anything that doesn’t harm you or your partner in a life-threatening, life-damaging way. Some of us are just less commonplace.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Androgyny & artificiality.

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Ambiguously Gendered
Androgyny & artificiality
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