Attraction of Queerness

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So Sweet, So Soft, So Queer

One thing The L Word didn’t evoke in me is my attraction to queerness.

Some of the actresses are straight and that removes the intangible affinity.

In real life I find gay women attractive. But not in a sexual way. There’s a sort of invisible extra something, I can’t figure out how to be precise. That something when added to a femme guy is combined with sex and the source of much of my sexual aesthetics.

(My lesbian gaydar isn’t something I really trust but het guys are just lousy at spotting gay women.)

Straight and bisexual women are sexy for me. Depending on my mood I might at any given time be classified as a Kinsey 3 or 4. (Evenhanded bisexuality or mainly gay with a substantial heterosexual component.)

I appreciate all the standard feminine allurements. But the ones that stick in my mind (from real life and not photographs) aren’t amazingly pretty and don’t make a fuss about femininity. It is almost always a combination of projecting intelligence and confidence. Really.

Hmm, not sure what point I’ve made here

Your feelings?

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