Between Passion & Purity

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Been a time since I got any hate mail. Especially about my bias toward femme and androgynous gay males.

Funnily enough I’d planned to write a note about the masculine men I’ve found attractive. That’ll come along anon.

In bed last night thinking about it all I recalled one of the first web pages I wrote. It was my first attempt to summarize how a certain kind of soft gay guy made me feel. The words were something to the effect that they gladdened my heart and quickened my steps.

When I see a swishy guy or gay androgyne I always smile. It isn’t about possible carnal contact.

Somehow they reach into a unique space in my mind where lust, tenderness, romance and idealism fuse.

Just knowing that they exist adds luster to my life, leaves me more apt to feel that it is worth the effort.

Your feelings?

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