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If there'd really been a magazine of male to female transformations called Boy Becomes Girl it would've had a sleazier cover and wouldn't bear the logo of a mainstream newsstand magazine distributor. Probably a modified cover of something like Boy and Girl Interesting fake though.

Boy Becomes Girl magazine, probably a fake


I ama girl, that is said i am left to the rest. I want to be transformed i want to feel the change from the irish pub.. Please let me be the st maries gurl i craveto know what it is like inside that dorm i wish i could truley share a femm breast, i wish i had real breast, to be partof the gurls that I get so excited about i wish i could be that little sisssssssssy just here and nowhere, i just wish the ice cream was so sweat i dont flinch at the site of st joseph i only flinch at the site of the great river and i feel it flow threw it all

Me, having gone through the operation needed to become the other gender (I once was a boy), I know what it’s like to have to dress up to get out of things. I had to go to school and talk all low because now that i am a girl i have a high voice, so i talked all low and pretended i had a cold. People would have amde fun of me for coming to school as a girl. It was a rough 3 weeks but it was worth it. I am now enrolled at a high school as my new form Kaytlin Woodlends. I enjoy being a girl, as it has something i have needed to corrected when i was born. I actually before i was reassigned female form…i was elected prom princess since i came to the prom in a dress and make up and all that and i was a boy.

Richard! I’m glad you’re doing much better after what happened to Charles.

I rarely see you on LJ, so I’m starting to come here to read what you’ve got to say. I miss your words.

I’ve finally kicked all my illegal drug habits…except one… the legally prescribed methadone. I am working on that one…

i personally want to become a girl im in middle school but the problem is i have enough problems with the other kids already i couldnt just fake my voice or something theyd pry until they figured it out and i cant figure out how to do that, and im not sure my parents would support me, id apreciate it if you could give me some help here… i know how it feels to be born mentally female but physicaly male, its not that pleasant especially if other kids notice it

Sorry for being so wickedly tardy in replying.

Last I remember you were off at college, thinking about cutting your hair (boo!) and meeting girls.

Im very sorry to hear about the drugs. A few years ago I was speaking to an old lover I hadnt seen in years. He told me that hed managed to step up to alcoholism from heroin addiction.

Im a t-girl post-op, 22 years old

So, what do you think about last comments ?

i feel how all the girls here feel. I may have a penis, but deep down i know i am a girl. i hate my penis and i look at it as nothing more than my future vagina.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Boy Becomes Girl.

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