Boys wearing aprons

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Never bound to be a popular look but in line with my own love for androgyny.

Androgynous guy wearing apron


That’s gross and very gross… You sick bustards!

You shouldn’t be proud to be gay. You’ll born in hell ashole!!! I just can’t see myself in a room with gay man fucking each other in the ass! that is very sick. Get a life.

Neat picture…would love to see how it worked out.

I have to laugh at the pathetic prejudiced ignorant bible bashing christian who posted that. What a complete idiot. Delete this if you want but I had to say it. Not a bad picture looks a little like manga.

I believe this pic is original art from Saiyuki (the anime) from artist P.L. Nunn. Her gallery is here

that picture really does it for me.Theres somthing aboutsomthing aboutmuscular boys in silky clothes


Thanks for the attribution. I don’t know where I found the image. The tenderness and androgny hit me really strongly.

Yaoi rules, by the way is that Nakago and Tamahome from Fushigi Yugi?

……………………….ummm…………….ok then…………… it go’s i think it was…..ok i really couldent pictrue sanzo doing that to hakkia (did i get his name right?) anyway im not trying to say that being gay is the most crazy, unhumen,nasty thing to be you are who you are…… unless your some type of cartoon that is made up by a bunch of gay people doing gay art.

Sorry, that comment is so incoherent I have no idea what you are trying to say.

The picture is just super. The boys look simply beautiful in silk. They look as though they will have much pleasure.

Your feelings?

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Boys wearing aprons
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