Choosing to not have gender reassignment surgery

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Part of an eloquent article explaining why one person chose to not have SRS:

Since this decision I've also completely stopped dressing up, making up, shaving my legs and all the other things I used to do to try to feel better about myself. It seems that the understanding of what is and is not possible for me happened on a very deep level, and although the awareness of being fundamentally female is still there I can no longer get any satisfaction at all from pretending, because the feeling of sham is now always stronger than the feeling of relief. Again, I'm only saying this for me, mileage varies hugely and the truth for others is almost certainly totally different.

Gender issues - why I didn't go the surgical route


Now I feel really stupid- this must be the only article I can’t pull up. It takes me to blogger. I dont know what that means! I remember wanting to read the article but couldn’t. I spilled my guts on the comment floor of this partially read article and I cannot even see what anyone has written. I don’t know anybody who can teach me stuff on the computer. I guess I’ll just close the wound again. I’m sorry tohave wasted your time Richard. Good bye

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Ambiguously Gendered
Choosing to not have gender reassignment surgery
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