Crossdresser vs. transvestite

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(Part of a conversation with a friend.)

I can't see crossdresser and transvestite as other than synonyms. I prefer crossdresser to transvestite for the same reason I prefer gay to homosexual. Transvestite and homosexual originated as diagnostic terms for a mental 'aberration.' They were the imposition of outsiders. And gay and crossdresser are more euphonic.

Definitions of transgendered are so varied that I do what the dictionary allows and use it both for people who wear the opposite sex's clothing or who use medical means to reverse their genetic gender.

Some transsexuals would cavil at my notion of the word transsexual. Since some people can't afford hormones much less gender reassignment surgery I use it for anyone who believes that they should physically become the gender they see themselves rather than what biology bestowed.


Yall look great I only wish Yall the best…….ML

Well they are basicly the same thing. The word Transvestite comes basicly from Trans meaning across and Vestite comes from the latin vest(re) meaning to dress. e.g. vestments are clothes.

By the way I am a straight male but i like to crossdress. Dunno why it turns me on but it does. /shrug

my ex wife couldn’t deal with it. She assumed I was gay because of it. But there are a lot of straight crossdressers.

a old closet crossdresser for a lifetime who still enjoys the lingerie. Straight, athletic, and in many respects sex is better.

90 % of criossdressers are straight, in that they fancy the opposite sex. some of my gay freinds don’t believe me when i tell them, maybe because we are used to the more show business friendly, extrovert image of the gay drag Queen. I first became interested in BDSM because I had this life long obsession with gender fucking my sexual/romantic partners. Look where these things led me! (and never looked back!) :)

Good luck in the exploration of your sexuality!

I learned that most crossdresser are hetero shortly after I realized I found crossdressers attractive. I posted a note in the crossdressing newsgroup saying that I’d recently discovered that side of my sexuality and was seeking to learn.

The replies were overwhelmingly hostile and boiled down to being told to go to a drag bar. Luckily I found the old Yahoo clubs and made a few good if only virtual crossdressing friends.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Crossdresser vs. transvestite.

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Crossdresser vs. transvestite
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