Email from a man with breasts who crossdresses

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One of the few weblog entries Iím happy with is Gay transvestites (learning to appreciate their beauty). From a response to that page:

At one time, I thought I wanted to have the "operation", and really be a woman, but came to my senses and realized that I would never really be a woman, I would always just be "me", no matter what my genitals were shaped like.

I only wish I could have found someone with your sensiblities, someone who could just accept me as a man who is more girl than boy, and who loves wearing clothing made for women.

I canít say how happy I am to read those words. The average person of all sexualities thinks transvestitesí freaks and my pleasure in gay crossdressers freakish.

And likely believe Iím a TV/CD chaser. Iíve written too much on the whys of my feelings for people who flout and thwart their genetic heritage to repeat it here. Without wanting to flatter myself or exaggerate either my reach or power that Iíve from time to time received emails like this has been one of the delights of my online life.


me i have a uncal thats gay. me i dislike him for what he dod to the family not beacause of him being gay. Even thow there gay don’t mean u need to hate them…

gays hate me because i crossdressbut when someone makes love to me i feel like a woman but other c ds tell me they only dress up does this make me different

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Ambiguously Gendered
Email from a man with breasts who crossdresses
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