Feminine gay men & protectiveness (supplementary note)

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One reason male 'sissies' evoke my male maternal reflex is that they were often persecuted and bullied in school. Most bright people have a bit of adolescent angst but being emotionally - sometimes physically - brutalized isn't always something you completely grow out of.

Now I'm sure people laughed at me as a youth. If there'd been an election for School Weirdo in the large public high school I attended I'd have won by a landslide. My attention was far too deeply focused on myself to notice them. To the degree that I did it was only with misanthropic contempt (this was what I had to grow out of).

When I was a young gay men the boys I knew had barely left those years behind. Responding to their still fresh wounds became part of my erotic conditioning.

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Pansexual Sodomite
Ambiguously Gendered
Feminine gay men & protectiveness (supplementary note)
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