Femme Gay Guys in Popular Culture

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When Will &M Grace debuted I was glad to hear there was a ‘gay sitcom’ but never thought to watch it. Until I started dating Charles. He was a fan so I watch the show with him. The title characters seemed vapid to me Sean Hayes’ wacky, willfully stereotypical character Jack McFarland won me over. (Though as he took the character to a demented extreme I came to find the show unwatchable.)

Peter Paige as femme gay Emmett Honeycutt on QAF.

I started watching Queer as folk for the same reason. Peter Paige’s performance as Emmett Honeycutt was perfect: manner, Southern accent, attire.

Metrosexuality was more fun than any queer themed programming to come out of the US. What I remember best is the boy whose blue eye shadow matched his blue hair.

Nico from Another Gay Movie played by Jonah Blechman

My immersion in recent pop culture introduced me to a couple more femme gay guys.

Jonah Blechman’s Nico insures that I’ll watch Another Gay Movie Strikes Back: Gays in Space when the DVD is published.

Mark St. James from Ugly Betty performed by Michael Urie

Is Michael Urie’s role as pleasingly superficial Marc St. James the reason I watch Ugly Betty. He also has one of the most pleasing of femme virtues: frequent changes of clothing.

Nothing of any depth here. Just me and my erotic idée fixe.

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Femme Gay Guys in Popular Culture
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