Forced Feminization

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In one of his moments of hyperbolic rhetoric Nietzsche says something about looking into the abyss to find it peering back at you. I felt as if that happened last night.

It was a rough night. Got up and read some every couple of hours: continuous, restful sleep just wouldn’t come.

But an imaginary forced feminization scene did.

For the innocent: in forced feminization aka sissyfixation you order a (willing) guy to put on makeup, lingerie and other feminine garments. And mock him for his supposedly secret desire to do so and revealing his true nature. This is mainly a bisexual transvestite fetish. I don’t know how many gay crossdressers enjoy it.

Now, I’d long ago realized that a submissive gay transvestite could be lots of fun to spend time with.

But when approached by males who want to be made feminine as a form of humiliation I’ve always been repulsed. Femininity as a source of shame has always seemed a shameful, disagreeable fetish. Too sexist.

Perhaps this came to mind as I’ve come to understand that forced feminization is the only way some men can meet needs stemming from gender dysphoria and an inability to accept same-sex desires. It still pushes against my erotic ethics and ethics.

Doesn’t matter. It will never happen,


i have a book by bruce baker for the past ten years. he did many of the foced womanhood magazines. like pedophilia, no matter how i try to put myself in the objectifier’s shoes, i just don’t get it. being raised by and being around women who were strong, independent, and decisive, the mystique held absolutely no appeal and exotic qualities. i’d go so far as to say not only should being feminine not be shameful, but also being feminine and having a fully working penis and wanting another man (or 150…but all at once). i astonished researchers at a recent transgender study by saying that being transgendered, transvestite, hated by gays, hated by “official” transgender people (who have been validated by nothing more than an operation), straights, you name it….these are all things that should be celebrated. because when you have no special interest groups to answer to…you have total freedom.

There are far more men who want to be feminized than there are people who want to feminize them. Most men have to pay to be “made” to become a sissy. I’d have to really like someone before I could do it. And it would be to meet their needs, not mine.

Richard is right. There are far more of us who ardently long for that sort of treatment than there are folks who would even consider such a thing. While the very thought of such a relationship has me squirming, the fact is that most tops who would even consider it do so to be “pleasing” tops - they’re scening - something ultimately less satisfying, because it defeats the fantasy… and also because at the end of the day, the top may just tire of it.

We bottoms never do.

looking for woman to do it to me

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