Hating gay stereotypes?

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Reading a list of stereotypes that annoys a reasonable fellow I come across:

10. Cross-dressers. If you want to be a woman, get it chopped off.

The instant spasm of disgust evoked is a familiar one. I never became sexually or romantically entangled with a crossdresser. Nearly happened but happenstance, good and bad, intervened. Still I have friends, - never met - but friends, who wear the other gender's clothing.

There's a wide subtle spectrum of reasons for men wearing women's clothing. And most transvestites aren't transsexuals.

I'll bite my tongue and not let this drift in a sermon on gay male intolerance of transgendered folk.

Following the lead of Beenhexed's list I'll bitch about gay men. I'm sure the list will repeat things I've posted before (don't have much to say, do I?). And its all been said by others before me. I don't feel disciplined enough for a serial summary of gripes so I'll comment and distort things hateful to Beenhexed.

Gay Republicans. Now I wouldn't think much of you if you were a straight Republican. Until the Republic Party has a gay-friendly platform plank you guys need a log shoved up your ass.

"Christians (other religions)" - he seems to think martyrdom should make them quit being religious. Missing that death takes you to your reward: the gold streets of Christian heaven or more wonderful houris of the Muslims. Well, hey, my own feeling is that anybody who believes in the supra-material is wrong-headed. In less tolerant moments I think they foolish and probably craven. You can't help but pity anybody who lives his life waiting for a cosmic "Get Out of Jail Free" card. If they want to coerce others to live by their imaginary rules (hello John Ashcroft) a firing squad is where I'd happily put them.

Bears. Aside from the few who picked at me for my love of feminine men I can't see a reason to have a grudge against them. They are mostly routine gay men. The ones I've known tended to be mostly kind and tolerant. (If I don't get my life back in order I'll be qualifying for bearhood pretty soon.)

Interracialists I have very mixed feelings about. Mostly because you run into white queers who want a black man to abuse them. Honestly I wouldn't blink if they wanted another white man to humiliate them. There's an implicit racism in feeling that a only a black man is really masculine or is wild and cruel. But people can't control their sexuality. However uncomfortable they make me feel there's a very narrow taint of homophobia in despising them.

Closeted types. In or out. I'll have to ignore the oxymoronic closeted case that is out. There are closeted people who are too confused, possibly fearful of their safety and ability to survive. I can't imagine hating them. Rather it is the homophobes who are to be hated. Closeted gay men who stay behind the door for fear of loss of power and prestige should have their nuts wrapped in nettles.

Assimilationists, well there's just no winning. Without homophobia gay people will become like everybody else. It is a weird dialectic inherent in being a member of a despised minority. Without oppression there aren't cultural tensions to provide distinctive qualities. Most gay people are boring anyway. Anyway, until peacelove prevails and we all move to Blissville there'll always be people apart from their neighbors.

Sexual Compulsives keep "homosexuality dirty?" I'm as monogamous a gay man as you'll ever meet but I can't object to other gay guys whoring. Promiscuity is wholesome fun. Extravagant fucking and sucking is better than watching too much TV; healthier than heroin or too many extra large pizzas.

Matt's list - to use his real name - mentioned "Apologists" but I wasn't sure how they were distinguishable from the assimilated or the mysterious closeted outs. Assuming they are gay men who excuse homophobia in even its politest form they are despicable. The human race mostly people who are or wish to be assimilated into the conventional and apologize for the majority's ethical blindness and casual brutality. A person fastidious of clarity and kindness can't help but feel appalled. But that is all John and Jane will ever be. World without end (they wish).


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