Haughty Transsexuals

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I’ve long followed news relating to transpersons. But more so since Alex became a key figure in my life.

South Korea’s Supreme Court is trying to decide the legal gender of post-SRS people:

Rev. Park [president of Christian Institute for National Development] defined the requests by the transsexuals as “haughty,” and warned that serious chaos would arise in society if the Supreme Court gives the go-ahead for legal gender change.

“This is a matter of being homosexual. The sex chromosome does not change permanently after surgery. It will only encourage more homosexuality and AIDS in the nation,” Rev. Park said. “Those who are confused about their sex and gender need psychiatric therapy, not surgery.”

Dr. Lee Moo-sang, a urology professor at Yonsei University’s Medical College said during last month’s hearing that biological events can sometimes get out of sync.

Biologically, girls inherit one X chromosome from each parent and, under the influence of the female hormone estrogen, psychologically consider themselves female. Boys inherit one X and one Y chromosome and under the influence of testosterone psychologically consider themselves male.

Nation faces dilemma on gender changes

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