His Transformation Into a Girl

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(“She-Male” always creeps me out but )

Sissyboy en femme

Pretty damn rare for me to run across something like this and like what I see.

This works for me because her presentation isn’t overambitious: no ostentatiously convex breasts, using her own hair instead of wig.

You can tell that she’s a guy in en femme. No worries about passing, which is sadly overrated by many crossdressers.


With each year that passes, I am less put off by the term “she-male.” Perhaps there’s an element of humor in it. Or maybe being the authentic 100% USDA-approved girl in full, to me, seems overrated by most transgender people. One of the most vocal criticism of the term “she-male” is that trans* girls don’t want to be associated with sex. But my observation is that the real girls they are trying so hard to be, are themselves wearing t-shirts that say “porn star.” Ah well….you know what they say: “The SRS is always cheaper on the other side.”

The reason she-male creeps me out is because I imagine the kind of guy using the term being a creep himself.

I always imagine walking in public and an old lady coming up to me (probably because we are wearing the same clothes), squinting through her granny glasses and saying “excuse me, are you a fe-male?”

And I, squinting through my glasses, would reply, “no ma’am, I’m a she-male.”

I don’t know. It seems funny to me.

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Ambiguously Gendered
His Transformation Into a Girl
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