How to woo & win a transvestite?

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You are a tranny chaser or a crossdresser 'admirer' - have you examined your own market value?

If you have dandruff use head & sholders - cut down on the fatty food - buy some new clothes (brown Nylon pants were never in!) - take a little exercise - wash regually (there is nothing worse than tying to give a blow job with the smell of stail urine in your nostrils!) - make your pubic hair presentable! trim it!

(Not that I as a retrosexual homosexual have ever cut what you'd call a dashing figure. I did bathe today. )

If you have the option for a profile, do not leave it blank!!!. This is very important. Spend plenty of time making your profile as attractive as possible - it will be many people's first impression of you.

Don't you wish those fools with blank profiles wouldn't IM you? I have a few unerased personal ads out there. Ever and anon I get an email from some poor shmuck that hopes I'm his ideal. Even though I'm (currently) attached I'll always take a look to discover something about my correspondent (a fancy way to describe someone who seems unable to write two complete sentences). That I'm always greeted by a blank page would damage my self esteem if it weren't so darn healthy.

A transvestite is more interested in being thought of & accepted as a woman. But his concepts of how he wants to be treated pre-date feminisim!

Too true. One of the reasons that there were only a couple of local crossdressers that I felt the slightest desire to meet.

The web site I'm quoting was the one that sparked my earlier entry on feminization and sexism. While I have nothing against Master / submissive relationship or kinky play the page left me feeling increasingly uncomfortable.

One section has the unhappy title "How to turn him gay."

When I read the suggestion that the transvestite's boyfriend, lover, Master make him more female with OTC sex hormones I had the dark suspicion the site was put up only to sell worthless bogus pseudo-medications.

The odd thing about the site is that much of it is written with good humor. The ugly quality is that it plays to the worst preconceptions of a 'heterosexual' tranny chaser, transvestite admirer.

When I blended crossdressers into the mix of people I was meeting online with thoughts of play or romance I felt that what I could offer was an attempt to match, fulfill their fantasy for a role and a certain response from a man.

But I never wanted to turn him into nothing more than a pawn. And I have that awful prejudice for a crossdresser who isn't angry that he was born a guy.

How to Turn Boys into Girls


I was reading this post and saying how horrid the blank yahoo profile truly is, while I was listening to my phone messages. I got left one without the caller identifying himself. And I was like, “that’s like the equivalent of the blank yahoo profile page.”

I was trying to figure out who it was (since I have only give out my phone number to 4 people on the internet in 7 years), and I was like, “nobody named Krystal lives here!”

And then suddenly, blammo!


I found myself aroused by that TV trainer link which came as no suprise considering that I am a submissive CD with a male dom fantasy. I am not angry I was born a guy and actually love my androgynous self. But i must ad that my Feminine self is very girly-girl with needs that, yes, boom, predate feminism. For a personal look, I go for the elfin, pixie thing which seems to just fly under the public radar when people know that I am in a band. But I am sure I am seen as gay or sissy-ish none the less which bothers me less and less as I realize that I have molded myself into that cartoon sex-dream. This is a ramble but I mainly wanted to pass on that I enjoyed your section on what sort of TV gay you are attracted to, when you are attracted. It spoke to my own images on the type I want to be. And thank you for the “Art of Not Passing” link. He is a very interesting figure.

Thanks for your attention,


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How to woo & win a transvestite?
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