I Am a Bad Person (& Worse!)

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Several years back when I was trying to find a nice nelly guy to date I’d sometimes get emails and IMs from strangers letting me no that I must be really screwed up to like “flamers” and not “real” men. I always wondered what was so lacking in their life they felt a need to express disgust with my sexuality.

After I started living with Charles there was this one guy who’d post a comment about every three months. Typically it would be about how he wanted to wear a tutu or something equally odd. He seemed confused but not overtly hostile.

I have a new fan who needs to share with me his disgust for my relationship with Alex.

the only reason you “love” the tranny is because it ( that thing is not a woman) is a sissy, because he is smaller ,physically wicker, and a bottom

Obviously a transphobic illiterate isn’t anyone to take seriously. I’ve only excerpted his messages. The general tenor appears to be the gay equivalent of a homophobe: a sissyphobe.

True I do prefer short guys. But I’ve mostly been with guys six feet or taller. I’ve never let my height preference turn into a fetish.

Earlier he wrote:

The only reason you find the nelly, submissive dickless fags attractive is because they’re the only ones who can, (for lack of other options) lower their standards so much and fuck ( sorry , get fucked{ barf} ) an old, fugly, bolding creep with a gay face such as yourself, and compared to them you must feel so butch and superior.

He clearly never met Charles.

If I’m going to have a troll I’d prefer he be witty and know how to spell.


If I try really hard I can hear all the various fucktards I’ve met over the internet all at once in a cacophonous symphony of repressed sexuality and social disability.

It sounds like the bowels of hell.

I am a big bear of a man. I am masculine appearing, but have lots of feminine qualities on the inside. I have been attracted to feminine men since I fell in love with John in high school. He was very feminine in voice, mannerisms and interests and he was decidedly male. It is that ying-yang that just drives me wild. Unfortunately John and I did not become partners; that was not in the cards. But I still look for that vivacious energy when I see a man.

Your feelings?

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