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Time for my irregularly posted note that I'm looking for images of visibly gay guys.

Decadaent young queer from the 90s.

I came of age as a faggot in a blessed interval when it had become half-safe to be openly gay and AIDS had yet to bring us the phrase "safe sex." Newly queer boy in the 1970s I discovered nelly boys. Or they discovered and enslaved me. Chicken. Egg.

Early gay magazine The Bachelor

The old distinction of 'butch' and 'fem' gay men has passed as the succeeding generations of gay men become indistinguishable from the readers of Maxim. They've become tops, bottoms and versatiles. I'm versatile enough but back when I was butch if only by virtue of being tall, (forgive me) straight-acting, deep voiced and dressing like a ruffian (or comfortably, matter of perspective).

"No femmes or fatties" seems to be about all that is left of the old days. Not that swishy young men aren't still with us. Or so I'm told. Finding one online wasn't easy here in the Tarheel State (North Carolina for you godless foreigners).

I can't even remember why I started trying to find old cartoons, drawings, paintings, any visual representation of swishes, honeyboys, buttercups, flamers or - my own favorite - daffodillies. A little erotic nostalgia I guess.

Periodically I sent out my plea that anyone who sees an old paperback cover, gay newspaper illustration of a guy who is supposed to look 'gay' send it or a pointer to me.

Your feelings?

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