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This site is often quiet because my life is. I’d rather think of it as an obscure backwater with reflections on gender and sexuality, read by few than tell you what I had for breakfast or how I skinned my knee. The quotidian however important is rarely noteworthy.

But this sodomite will go to his grave forever grateful for appreciations and expressions of gender atypicality, waifish men, gentle guys. Beauty may not be truth but it is special, rare and always worthy of appreciation.

So cite the words of a smart and capable woman who calls herself Eileen:

I mean the men with soft skin, full lips, femme clothing. Men with skinny limbs and long hair. Men who like to wear satin and velvet. Men who like to feel pretty.

Pretty (adjective): pleasing by delicacy or grace.

Pleasing By Delicacy Or Grace

Maymay reminds me of the time I said to someone that some people on the web have an erotically enticing persona. She seemed to think I was batty. I fear - my unkind, judgmental side coming forth found her erotically impoverished and her claims to sexual openness doubtful.

This fellow is rich in words that can inspire lust. Perhaps not exactly these but what the heck:

I’ve never been a manly man. When I was younger, I watched quite a bit of television. I remember lots of the imagery I was presented with quite vividly. In almost every case, I wanted to be the girls. Growing up, I quickly learned that wanting to be more like the girls was a desire frowned upon by pretty much everybody elseónot least of all, by the girls.

I want to be a pretty boy

Bless him and those not unlike him. How diminished my life would have been had all men felt a need to fill the conventional role of masculinity. Good prose and all the boys who live outside the gender norms in their multifarious ways: they make life worth living.


Your post about how you enjoy nelly gay guys is something I still think about from time to time, especially when topics like this come up. Thanks.

When I was a femme gay man who dressed as a woman, I loved handsome masculine men that appreciated me. Now that I have transitioned to being a transexual woman, I so appreciate men that love transexual women, not least my handsome maculine man.

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