Infucated boys

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Girlish guys who paint their faces

Allow me if you will to veer off into pointlessness. I'm in one of those blessed moods where despite being broke, in a troubled relationship, pained by my carpal tunnel my instinctively eupeptic side forces itself on me.

Today I discovered the word infucation. It means putting makeup, enlivening it with color. As in Richard is a weird perv who likes infucated boys. Just felt a need to say something Androgynophilliac.


im a girl, veronica, if you’d like, i found your websight i love the word, and also infucated boys, but do you know of any staight smart boys in makeup? that is the problem, have a good night

Live Journal ( has communities devoted to straight boys in makeup. Likewise any online communities devoted to ‘goth’ - Yahoo has some goth groups.

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