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Killer Drag Queens on Dope was too questionable a movie for me to risk even a Netflix slot. But proved impossible to pass up when a copy came into the shop.

If nothing else I figured I could tidy up while the transvestite assassins offed their targets.

I can see why people compare it to Paul Morrisey’s “Andy Warhol” movies: you have demimonde crossdressers being silly. I wouldn’t make that comparison myself. None of the actors have that special iconic quality of Joe Dallesandro or Jackie Curtis.

A small bit did make a strong impression on me.

As Ginger Alexis (Eve Destruction) Arquette decides that she shouldn’t have a sex change merely to please a man. That she is complete and worthy as she is.

In real life Arquette is planning on complete gender reassignment. Given the odd transgender snobbery that some transsexual have - that they are better or more ‘real’ - than transvestites is was heartening to see transsexual affirm those who feel wearing the other gender’s clothing is sufficient.

I do wonder how many transpersons chose SRS to please someone other than themselves.


As a child I watched the state-censored version of Dog Day Afternoon at a cinema. Everyone saw what the bankrobber did and what he had to go through, but nobody ever knew why he did what he did.

As a grown up, that chasm must have made a metaphysical impression. My mom probably thinks I’ll disappear into thin air if I chose this life style.

On a related note, I was reading something about transgender voice training online. The program said, “some people think that simply injecting hormones will make them more legitimate as a woman.” (or something along those lines). Bravo!

I say if it works for ya, that’s great. But for heavens sakes, don’t use it as a trump card to belittle those who can’t afford it or the rest of us society ladies who would like to hang on to our family inheritance!

Most of the transexual women I know transitioned from male to female for themselves, although most of them also had men that wanted them to transition. It isn’t an either/or thing. It is possible for a transexual lady to please herself and her man.

Your feelings?

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