Letting Go

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I was reading a cartoon collection. One three panel strip was entitled The Adventures of the Man With No Penis. He saw a shapely woman walk across the room, and then blew his brains out. I still have my but find that I’m giving up on some things.

Funny in a way that I should have wanted a guy to shave his body for me. Shortly before I met Charles a guy wrote and ask me to ‘force’ him to do exactly that. But it was the feminization as being made inferior kink that I find sordid.

Alex did shave her body regularly. But it has been years since I’ve thought of Alex in terms of her genetic birth. For her shaving was a task necessary to insure that her outward form matched her inner self. I was always appreciative of the results: perfectly smooth skin is a joy.

Nor do I expect to see a boy putting on makeup again. Again, an odd thing to eroticize but typical of me.

There’s a mild pang in giving up on these but healthy at this stage of my life.

Your feelings?

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