On Being Pleasing

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Pleasing the other. Being pleased by the other.

Funny how people sometimes try to lock either act in a role. Even in gender.

My biggest conflict with how many transvestites see their selves is they equate femininity with being submissive. That it is only by submitting a feminine person can please. This seems an impoverished - and really very male - image of the feminine.

When does the top - the masculine person in this one instance - feel least adequate? When he cannot please the bottom, the femme partner.

There is strength and power in giving pleasure. Being pleasing isn’t a mark of subjugation.

Except sometimes. For fun.


Many women, (and transexual women like myself) are liberated in everyday life, but when it comes to sexuality with our man, we love to be submissive. And yes that is part of being feminine. And of course we enjoy pleasing our men. It pleases us to do that.

It is like dressing up beautiful and ultra-feminine. We do it for ourselves, to impress other women, but also for our men. Most men love beautiful, feminine, submissive, affectionate, loving women. Transexual women in that respect are not different than genetic women. We pride ourselves in being beautiful and ultra-feminine.

Your feelings?

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