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Male Femininity Isn’t About Being Good-looking

I ran across a site devoted to adoration of prettyboy Japanese pop singers (sorry, don’t recall the URL). The Asian youths were exceptionally lovely. But it reminded me of how I generally feel no erotic empathy for people who seemingly match some portion of my attraction to the androgynous.

They have the frigid specialization of fetishists. Don’t see the appeal of androgynous women. Are fixated on “tranny chicks-with-a-dick.”

I remember some years back when I was trying to find images - photographs or illustrations of feminine obviously gay guys. Even though I was looking for pre-1980 images people would suggest Yaoi manga. Not that I don’t see the appeal. But rendering aside it isn’t as if the guys actually have any gender ambiguity.

Most commonly people would point out various pretty young men: models, pop stars, actors. The boys were pretty but only pretty. (I don’t mean only implying ‘mere.’ Physical beauty isn’t trivial.) The youths weren’t by any stretch feminine.

Beauty isn’t femininity. The latter can exist even in the most uncomely. A woman’s femininity isn’t dependent on her attractiveness. Neither is a guy’s.

I did let myself keep an image from the Japanese prettyboy site:

Pretty Femme Gay Asian Boy.

There were a number of photographs of him. He was often quite radiant. But this photo, there’s something that touched me. A bit of it is in how his collar fits around his neck. But mostly it is the curve of his shirt on the left.

Femininity is a quality of consciousness, gesture and presentation.


Thought I’d share this… I filled the website box with the link. Sorry if it’s not quite pertinent.

Too trashy? Not your cup of tea? I dislike the musical genre, but find the boy intriguing.

Were he to do a harem dance, a la “Pink Narcissus”. With Bidgood doing the sets and costumes.

The clip was amusing, thanks.

I agree, Ueda’s very radiant, especially when he’s smiling. But he isn’t gay. At the very least, he’s bi.

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