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An illustrated dictionary could fairly use a picture of my friend Pristine as part of the definition of the word compassion. Not this one perhaps.


My involuntary response to this photo or one much like it was revelatory. Growing up I’d been oblivious to schoolgirls. Alex herself has made me even more appreciative of the look.

Pristine is coming for a visit. Aside from the days of my online courtship of Alex there’s never been anyone I’ve never met in the flesh that I’ve cared for more.

When the first glimmerings of my ability to find crossdresser attractive I asked on a Yahoo Club, Gay Transvestites probably, with which gender terms I should address a transvestite. Pristine replied with the retroactively obvious advice that feminine pronouns were appropriate when the person is en femme.

Later we both found ourselves regulars in Alex’s Fem Boys From Venus.

After Charles and I setup housekeeping I drifted away from the Yahoo clubs. Until an email from Pristine arrived inviting me to come back and “tell us a story.” I didn’t think of myself as having any stories to share but did return to Fem Boys From Venus.

Pristine and I corresponded on and off over the years. She was the first person in whom I confided the bad side of life with Charles.

Pristine visited Alex on the Isle of Wight last year. I’m not sure if it was then that she had the eerily prophetic dream that Alex would replace Charles in my life.

Our meeting has been too long deferred. Only wish she could stay longer.

Pristine’s site: The Solitary Arc

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