The (Nelly) Boy Seekers

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Well I've said often enough that I'm looking for images of obviously gay men. The Boy Seekers cover art certainly features that.

I'll confess I'm not captivated. I can't help but feel the drawing is meant to be unkind, express contempt. The man with glasses and camera seems to have old pervert branded invisibly on his forehead.

The boy queens in bathing suits look pouty, frivolous, selfish. Hmmm that isn't quite it. I don't mind those three qualities. I'm habituated to them and have happily sought to cope with them. I'd do anything to please someone fey.

Partly is the sense that the artist felt contempt for what he was rendering. And I get the impression that with the youth in the middle he drew a girl and erased her breasts and shortened her hair. Oh Hell, nothing wrong with that.

Let us say it is perceived disdain for his subject and a lack of talent. If I found the nelly beach boys cute I'd forgive even my perception of the artist's invidious assumptions.

Really I can't complain at all. I've long diligently for images of feminine gay males. I should just be glad to find whatever I can.

The Boy Seekers


What is an ‘old pervert’? Isn’t using that term kind of homophobic agism?

When I was 18, I had a 12 month live-in affair with a guy in his 40s and it was great. My only regret is I didn’t keep in touch with him (he’s been dead for quite a few years now) and so wasn’t able to thank him for all the wonderful things he taught me.

As long as you are both over legal age what difference should an age gap matter? You are ‘older’ for a lot longer than you are ‘younger’.

Old pervert is my reading of what the artists intended to suggest. Being an older gay man myself I wasn’t making a generalization about real people, just those on the cover.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about The (Nelly) Boy Seekers.

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The (Nelly) Boy Seekers
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