The pretty guy wasn't ...

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The pretty guy caught my eye as he entered the shop.

Nope, that isn't true. 'He' wasn't pretty: skin was a bit off, nothing special at all about the features. I'm not sure how many people might've cast second glance. I'm as big a fan of compelling eyes and harmony of chin and cheek as the next person but there are nuances that interest me more than conventional cutie-piehood.

When the object of interest came to the register I realized I'd been looking at a flat-chested woman in a guy's shirt and torn jeans.

A redneck cliché of the 1960s when, mirable dictu, longhair was popular among young men was "Har, har, you can't tell the boys from the girls." Sometimes walking behind someone on the street I couldn't. That feeling was a treat. My incipient appreciation of gender ambiguity could've told me much about myself if I'd been a quarter as self-aware as my pride often made me think.

Her sex doesn't matter I did enjoy my surprise.


I riding the bus with a straight friend of mine and we were near the rear of the bus in jump seats that faced to the side rather than the front of the bus. In the very last seat were two men one 20 something and the other 30 something and they started to kiss. The kiss turned out to be a very long passionate kiss, mile after mile their tongues intertwined. Finally we came to their stop and they got up and walked past us as they exited the bus. It was at this point that I realized the younger 20 something was a GIRL. After they left I turned to my friend and said Oh my God, I was getting turned on by a girl! He said don’t feel too bad I also thought it was two guys, and they were starting to turn ME on.

Back in high school there was this couple that held hands most of the time. She was a pretty Polynesian girl with that long, long hair. He was the epitome of the beautiful boy next door. They seemed the essence of high school sweethearts back in those naïve days. Watching them always made my blood warm, though it’d be a couple of years that I really saw that. Nothing is more arousing than honest displays of affection and passion.

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Ambiguously Gendered
The pretty guy wasn't ...
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