The Ugliest Girl in the World

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My pansexuality gives me glimpses of obscure and hidden beauty. It is as if you can see a portion of the spectrum to which the majority of the human race is blind.

Like the beauty of chance who styles himself the ugliest girl in the world:

The ugliest girl in the world loved clothes and if it didn’t attract so much attention would look in clothing stores all day. The ugliest girl in the world was too ugly for that though. Far too ugly. The others stare. Everyone is uncomfortable. Its just not right. Thats why the ugliest girl in the world loves the Goodwill. Hell you can try things on in the aisles there.

If the worlds ugliest girl could be anyone …. which one which one.

There are many kinds of beautiful women, pretty girls and nice girls, pleasant ones, glamorous, showy, sexy and sleek, sultry, smokey rough loud crass. There are men too. rough tumble chisled dangerous loud sauve cool classy tough solid men. There is me, and you and there is the worlds ugliest girl who is so ugly people often ask “are you a man or a woman” or yell after… “Fag!”.

Today the worlds ugliest girl was doing laundry and this very thing happened…. “Fag!”

By mere children no less, children playing grown-ups in over sized velour pjamas decorated with sports logos and profane words like bitch. Bitch fuck me motherfucker. The ugliest girl in the world laughed softly, saddened also. …

“Fag” how many of those that I’ve loved grew up with that syllable whispered or openly shouted as they passed? My poor dead Charles lived with it as an adult on an almost daily basis. While his pixie dust entranced me others saw only a creature at which to sneer.

As far as I know chance is heterosexual, putting him outside the range of gender ambiguous people of whom I used to often write. But even straight men face the burdens of the shabby gender norms the majority forever want to enforce.

Those children will grow into adults who pursue distraction instead of beauty. Whose days are intervals of merely tolerating time marked by hopes of something better on television and winning the lottery.

Chance on the other hand has with his partner created a life rich in passion and love. In a single evening he probably experiences more joy than most do in a year. He and his Destiny aren’t like most people. Who that can feel deeply and think clearly would ever want that fate anyway.

I’m very grateful to be able in a distant way to share the life of The Ugliest Girl in the World


Richard, Once again your words are very touching and aticulate. Thank you. A nice surprise to wake up to.

chance ‘the ugliest girl in the world’

IS THAT A GIRL OR BOY?ITS U-G-L-Y!try looken 4 sum dang called make up!!!!!!!!!!! well peace out to all u stupid headed freaks dat do stuff bad lyk gangs and drug dealers here is sum dang 4 u…….GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ambiguously Gendered
The Ugliest Girl in the World
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