To Hell with crossdressers

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I've written often about transvestites here. Some folks may have wondered why. Others probably assume that I have a fetishist's hunger for them.

While a transvestite boyfriend might be keen the transphobia of many queer men disgusts me deeply. I can't in fairness really object to the commonplace homo's wish to blend silently into the hetero majority. Average is as average does. I wish you all happiness with your football player wet dreams.

But rejecting, disrespecting the small group of gay men who feel a special happiness when in women's clothes is wicked. Very wicked from a group whose most conventional members have spent centuries hiding their loves and needs lest they be burnt at the stake or sniggered at by fellow office workers.

South Africa's Gay and Lesbian Alliance:

"To cross dress or change one's sex is not a qualifying factor to be part of the lesbigay orientation. Men dressing as women or women dressing as men harm the image of the lesbigay community," it said.

The party said Lesbigays were "average people" with only a single identifying aspect, namely same-sex orientation and it believed "most South Africans will welcome our decision".

Average people, bless their hearts: they elected our average president and made the world the everything it is today.

Gay group kicks transvestites out


I was having a conversation with someone just last night about this topic. Inevitably succumbing to generalisations, I’d have to say that there’s oftentimes this baffling mindset of mtf tv’s that goes: I’m dressed as a woman, cruising a man, therefore I am straight. So there’s a large portion of tv’s who themselves disassociate with the GLBT. Then there’s also the matter of “personal space” with many women. I can easily understand lesbians feeling their “club” being infiltrated by the opposing team when there’s one of them in their washroom or strategic planning boardroom.

It’s all quite confusing to be able to see both sides of the argument. In the end, it’s all about respectability and assimilation.

The moment you have achieved both, evolution ceases.

There’s about as many variations in gender identity as there are transgendered people.

Maybe transvestites who want to feel they are “straight women” are just trying to make their sense of being a female seem more ‘real.’ Distinguished from transsexuals of course do aim to become straight women in actual fact. (I know the distinction isn’t always that clear. Some of my most recent exchanges with Sarah on LJ has reminded me of that.)

But for a LGB organization to refuse any gay crossdresser who identifies as gay is simply unconscionable.

There are two approaches:

1) Broaden the definition of the group to LGBT (where T is often just Trans, to accommodate both transsexual and transvestite)

2) Allow anyone who self-defines as gay, whether they are also T of some description or not

Having run an LGB society before, we actually chose to welcome anyone (including straight, transsexual, transvestite and anyone else), but felt that we didn’t have the support expertise to claim to be an LGBT.

It sounds like the club in question has a bit of politics going on, rather than just setting out to discriminate, but that may be just my reading of the situation.

There are transsexuals whose goal is to become a heterosexual woman. You could build a foolishly purist case for saying they aren’t really gay. Many of them would agree. But to ban them would be as self-defeating as the NAACP barring sympathetic white people from membership.

There are plenty of transvestites who view themselves as gay men who like to wear dresses. Sadly they often find themselves rejected by both transsexuals and gay men.

From what the article said it sounds as if banning transpeople was an ugly futile attempt at making themselves more respectable to the heterosexual majority. You see similar efforts by the gay upper bourgeois here but usually in trying to get trans people and bars out of their neighborhood. Don’t remember a national queer organization forbidding them membership.

I’m a social scientist from the U.S. trying to get information on The Gay and Lesbian Alliance in South Africa and their recent regulation barring transvestites. I tried to find their website, but no luck. Do they have one? If you know, please contact me at

This is interesting, you south africans have internalised the attitudes of the opressor.

If you exclude transvestites you need to consider excluding butch lesbians too. Some of whom have facial hair and wear male clothes.

You lot are too political and youre trying to normalise yourselves and stake out your territory so people accept you. I am sick of hearing self righteous gays judging transvestites as if you are better than us, how dare you!

The irony is that when were not dressed up and looking beautiful we are the straight professional people, mostly in positions of power. So this will backfire on the “average” gay community.

Being a transvestite is about having fun and freedom of expression, freedom to play with who you want,nice men, tgirls ,women and even butch lesbians. In a sense we are truly gay in the real sense of the word. we are free not to be bothered about restrictive average lifestyles.

Your feelings?

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