Transvestite Acceptance

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Many governments pay for sexual reassignment surgery. New law is being - slowly and clumsily - created to establish the rights of persons who have abandoned the bodily gender with which they were born.

Tentatively and far too tardily we see a social space for transsexuals begin to emerge. The persistence or racism and homophobia tell us that it will never be perfect.

The average moron will continue to see a ‘tranny’ as a freak. But a freak with a place in the world.

I doubt similar limited acceptance of male transvestites will accompany this.

Aside from men with a special fetish a penis under a skirt will remain frightening.

Ordinary people want simplicity, straight lines and square angles - a black and white emotional and moral world.

Gender identity may be more stupefying than politics.


i truely love transvestites they are soo beautiful and sexy.ive been dressing for years and would always love to have a transvestite sister..oxox kathryn

Because I see you as a more awesome as well as a far more prosperous model of myself, I just printed out this post for my pops to read. If dad didn’t already, he now believes that I’m insane now.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Transvestite Acceptance.

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