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“In drag” tells us this is supposed to be a drawing of a transvestite.

Transvestite dominatrix art by Gene BIlbrew

I feel a huge conflict about the depictions of crossdressers at times. Especially when I run across them in old paperbacks. I shouldn’t. These were works of exploitation. They weren’t crafted with love or care. They were pumped out quickly to satisfy a market.

But it still always nags at me to look at something like this and know that when the artist drew it for all he knew it was a genetic female. It was only an editor or publisher who later decided to label her a transvestite.

Of course the illustrations of the same time that clearly show a man in woman’s clothing are those that treat male femininity as a form of humiliation. Even worse. And the goal of most crossdressers is passablility. Not the subtler aesthetic of ambiguity.

I should just shut up.


Not all transvestite art shows womanly art. The old Mutrix publications had men in women’s clothes and makeup.

The womanly drawings appeal to some men and the more realistic drawings appeal to transvestites like me.

So far as the humiliation factor about being feminine, some of us are very turned on by that aspect, at least those of us in our little pink closets. ;-)

I know most transvestites want to be as passable as possible. But I think more truthful depictions might make it easier for some to cope with what is really possible.

I have no problem with submissive crossdressers. Under the right conditions I’d be happy to spend time with one.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Transvestite Art.

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