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there's an inherent dishonesty in cross-dressing. Hiding in clothes, which I avow any vestments are liable, is cowardly, whether its done to preserve power, attract attention, display emotion, whatever.

Police, military and priests aside whose clothing also supplies designation are about the only people who come to mind who wear clothing for power. Dressing to attract attention is too huge a topic for me to have pretensions of discussing. Liking pretty boys in pretty clothes Iíve always enjoyed guys who attract attention by dressing attractively. Dressing to display emotion is for tribal peoples and sports fans. Iíve hung out with either.

Most transvestites dress up for unique satisfaction and need. It canít be escaped. It is less controllable than, say, a gay man choosing to be exclusively a top or a bottom.

Most men who crossdress donít exert power, attract attention. Any emotion they might display is seen only by their mirror. Even though most transvestites are heterosexual theyíd be laughed at or beaten up by straight men. Gay transvestites face laughter and smug disdain from straight acting gay men.

They never go out en femme in public and the only people they talk to about it are distant strangers on the internet.


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Of course the more obvious examples are the police, militia, et cetera, but also politicoes, ties, expensive spectacles, overcoats (shoulder [Read More]


Of course the more obvious examples are the police, militia, et cetera, but also politicoes, ties, expensive spectacles, overcoats (shoulder pads)—all combine to remind us that they are big[wigs].

There are, I think, less obvious examples of this, along the line of ‘the Joneses’ in everday life. I think my diatribe is against school-age uses of who wears what and why that person is a good person, a cool person, whatever. This admittedly stems from personal ISSUES (yes, in caps) because I grew up very poor, and wore the same thing as long as I could fit into it. Having been ‘disenfranchised’ by fashion (or from it) I developed a perspective that viewed it with suspicion, that fabrics could endow a man (or woman, or crossed) with some ‘qualties’ not otherwise there—it is the old argument of perception versus reality. I resent anything that gets in the way of my perception of reality. My commonest argument is that a person should be judged naked, after all, it is a need to be naked and accepted that drives to seek modifications to entice—the successful dresser will end up with the vestments crumpled at the base of someone else’s bed…too hollow a qualifier to validate the argument?


I am a heterosexual trans. I must say that I must be an exception to the statistics. I often dress up as a female and I love to go out in the public that way. I have even foun myself in some odd situation that way. If it is true that we speak about it to strangers then I will tell you something hot that has realy occured to me. I once dressed up in a pair of leather hot pants and net hose. I slipped on a pair of knee high boots and a tight shiny black top. I let my natural platinum blond hair flow down to my mid back; and I put on some pink make-up. I took a walk outside for a while, people stopped to look at me. I think that I fooled a lot of them I happened outside a high school, many students whistled at me and some made jokes saying that I was a slut. I sat down on a bench just making believe of nothing. After a few minutes of constant teasing a group of six boys came on over to laugh at me; I was horny and I told them that I would let them do me because I knew that they wanted to. After they kept insulting me, I was forced to stand and was pushed to a small dead end road behind the school. While pushing me someone stuck his hands between my legs while another kept oinching my bottom. They took me aside behinh some hedges and all six of them banged me. I remember that I enjoyed the sensation; All of those boys that got turned on at seeing me. They filled me with sperm I think it all lasted about an hour or so, I can imagine what some passer by could of heard. The thing I enjoyed most was pulling up my shortswhile some boys continued to wet my bottom, and then feeling the hot and pasty liquid up between my ass. That is why I like to cross dress in public I love to share my true stories with youall

I am in love with another transvestite and we have been carrying on in cyber space for a time. We are going to spend the weekend together i a motel room and I can hardly wait to make love as two women in love. I find that very appealing and more appealing than doing it with a genetic woman who would laugh me out of the motel room. This man loves who I am and what I do and what I look like. So there it is.

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