Ultimate Gender

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Since Darren is a friend of Chance’s it makes a nice follow up:

Except I didn’t and still don’t. I’m not a boy, not a girl, but somewhere in between. I can feel manly in my pink nighty and I can turn into Mommy’s little girl when I haven’t shaved in a few days. …

She is the woman Darren calls Sir:

She showed me that I could embrace these different aspects of myself, gave me an outlet to explore them in. She would sit there and colour with me when I needed her to, buy me cute outfits to wear. She would also look at the body of an overweight biological man and see the little girl shining through. But she also saw a man fiercely protective of his family, who embraces his manhood without letting his ego get in the way too often.

The last sentence is the one that matters:

“We are the Ultimate Gender” she said. “Neither male or female, and at the same time both. We are who we are and it works for us.”

We Are The Ultimate Gender

I must confess I find the world a more fatiguing place than I once did. But discovering people like this never fails to brighten my mood.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Ultimate Gender.

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