Unrealized sexuality: hermaphrodites

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My friends on Live Journal and who read Pansexual Sodomite have castigated me for expressing overmuch nicety for certain aspects of my sexual appetites. I'll cast aside my respectful hesitancies and express just lust.

If I could relive my youth again and know where my sexuality would take me I would've had sex with a guy with breasts or a woman with a penis. Can't say whether the distinction between the two would be in their or my mind. OK, probably mine, I'm too acutely alive to the nuances of gender quality. Transgendered people are understandably focused on the specifics of their own sexuality.

Why? What is the beauty I see in the androgyne?

I enjoy all gender qualities. Often I writhe against the merely one or the other. My lust seeks someone who embodies both (in so many different wonderful ways) and who for me (if not him/her self) strides above either.

My fantasy ideal would be a lovely young man with breasts. Had I understood myself at a young enough age it might be a genetic male who was striving to become the woman he felt himself to truly be. Way back he'd have probably been tawdrily painted, living in a slumlord's apartment. However I might have meant to be in my lust would've led me to take possession of this creature (sounds like a damn bad poem but I him/her isn't appealing).

My fantasy hermaphrodite would be happy with its breasts and penis. Probably she'd have only cared about being playfully forced and centered her sexuality in her anus. Maybe lovingly but with unknowing selfishness I'd have accepted what was so hungrily offered.

Nowadays there are coolly self-created hermaphrodites, shemales in the land of porn and less aware lust. When I was young and would've been much more able to have what I wanted they were mostly weaker. Certainly less aware.

(Um, does this satisfy you folks who find my empathy a sign of Puritanism?)


puritanism? hehehe… i would never have ascribed such a quality to the pansexual sodomite ;-)

you have a livejournal?

puritanism? hehehe… i would never have ascribed such a quality to the pansexual sodomite ;-)

you have a livejournal?

You know, you were one of the people who prompted the entry. My stats show it is a popular entry for men hunting for ‘shemales.’

Richard Evans Lee’s Journal is older than the weblog, though a bit neglected of late.

I just so happened to stumble across your web site in a similiar search, and I must say that this is very appealing. If at possible; I would LOVE to meet one or more hermaphrodites and/or transexuals.
My ultimate fantasy is to have a relationship with a beautiful womwn like this.
If you or anyone you know would be interested in myself and my wants and desires, please feel free to e’mail me. I look foward to any and all responses, thank you.

With what kindness I can muster I feel that I need to point out that I was meditating on my own erotic inner life. While I do wish I had been lucky enough to have been intimate with someone happily encompassing gender qualities of both sexes (as opposed to a transsexual who is someone moving from one to another gender) I don’t intend to let this entry devolve into a dating page.

Reducing a person to a fetish is dehumanizing and often deeply resented. Something ‘admirers’ often fail to perceive.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kim, I’m a 38 year old female and I’ve been actively seeking hermaphrodite friendships and romance for 20 years.

My ideal dream: to have a hermaphrodite life partner, to mother a hermaphrodite child and to become a hermaphrodite myself .

Once you get to know me better, you’ll know that I not only talk the talk, but I also walk the walk!

No, I’m not a hermaphrodite, unfortionately. If I ever had the opportunity of becoming a hermaphrodite, I wouldn’t hesitate!

I have however succeeded in accepting myself for who and what I am, which is not easy for anyone! If you’re seeking a friend, who’s willing to listen and accept you for who and what you are, please feel free to contact me.

Yes, I’m still seeking hermaphrodite friendships and romance. Take a chance, contact me, you have nothing to lose and all to gain! If you don’t take a chance, you don’t stand a chance!

… Kim …

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Unrealized sexuality: hermaphrodites
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