Westboro Baptist Church at Gwen / Eddie Araujo trial

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Fred Phelps, the most homophobic man in America, has taken great pleasure in assuring the world that Matthew Shepard is burning in Hell. Now he and his family are on hand to glory in the death of a foolish young transsexual.

HAYWARD -- Less than a week after opening statements began in the trial of three men charged with the murder of a Newark transgender teenager, members of a fundamentalist Baptist church say they will be picketing outside the county courthouse Monday.

Members of Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., said they would be spreading their message -- that homosexuality isn't the will of God -- in front of the Hayward Hall of Justice, where the three men are on trial.

Their expression of regret:

The church came to the Tri-City area at that time only to protest the play [The Laramie Project] and not to disrupt Araujo's funeral, [Shirley' Phelps-Roper said -- adding that she regrets that they didn't.

Group plans to spread anti-gay message outside Hayward courthouse

Note about Gwen Araujo: Eddie was a boy, but he believed inside that he was a girl.


One question.

Do you look good?

Often, it makes all the differnce, you know.

You think looks make a difference to the Westboro Baptist Church?

Them especially, now you mentioned it. Try picturing a baptist in a leopard skin outfit, you ‘ll see what I mean.

It was a general comment anyway. Got misunderstood again…

I won’t confess the evil images some Baptists provoke in me.


I really don’t know what to say, I think it’s deplorable that two fine young people are gone from us and as if that wasn’t enough, people like Phelps and his ilk still walk this earth spewing forth their hate propaganda. I don’t care for religion because it seems to me that religious beliefs are responsible for more bloodshed and hatered than the good they do us.

I believe in freedom of speech, but when it is abused and turned to a hateful purpose, I believe the privilege should be revoked.

To the families and friends of Mathew and Eddie go my deepest and most heartfelt sympathies. Take solice in the fact that far from being forgotten they shall remain forever in the hearts of many, remembered for the kind and gentle souls they were.

Love to you, strength through community.

I can remember going to a Baptist church in the 5th grade. At that time, I already knew I was gay. The entire sermon was about why gay people are the products of Satan and how they burn in hell. Everybody in the church was yelling Amen. At that moment, I severed my relationship with God. It just absolutely sickend me that these people were using God to excuse their hatred for others. God IS love, and these people have twisted it to make God love only the people that go along with their belief.

Jesus spoke in parables. Why? Because he wanted us to figure this stuff out on our own. We are all imperfect creations trying to worship something we cannot even comprehend the greatness of. So everybody is “wrong” in some way or another, and it is NOBODY’s place to say you’re right and someone else is wrong. And it still sickens me to see these people glorifying the death of one of God’s creations. That is more sinful to me than the people that murdered Matthew and Eddie.

So I lived as an athiest for a while; the experiences with the Baptist church pushed me away. Socializing with people that are the most distant from God will do that to you. But then I learned that those people were not living by God’s will, and I formed my own sense of religion again. I will never let people like that take it away from me again.

Even at my most anti-Christian I’d never accuse someone like Fred Phelps as typical of conservative Baptists. I suspect his motive is mostly love of attention. Certainly not love of any god I’d care to imagine.

I believe the initial problem was having casual sex with someone they didn’t know well enough. The boys should have know before engaging in sexual activity rather than after. After is not the time to ask whether a person is male or female. They are blaming Gwen, when they should blame themselves for using a person to just “get off”. It is their fault for not knowing, not Gwen’s. She couldn’t change who she was, and she was just being who she was. That was honesty. She was a transgendered person - how is that dishonesty?

i love my cousin alkinds even because he lived over down south i live in santa cruz love always and 4 ever crystal araujo

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Ambiguously Gendered
Westboro Baptist Church at Gwen / Eddie Araujo trial
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