What is Pansexual Sodomy?

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It hit me that now that I’ve relocated these notes in a new domain I should reestablish the terms and framework.

Why Pansexual?

I reject the conventional binary notions of gender.

Physiology: people are born outside the norms: the intersexual persons. People construct their bodies outside the conventions: pre-operative transsexuals, self-made hermaphrodites.

External appearance: people find fulfillment and pleasure in dressing against their genetic birth gender. There are gay, bisexual and heterosexual crossdressers. Their clothing has varying levels of importance in their lives. For some it is essential: it embodies everything they need for a sense of appropriateness and satisfaction. Others treat it as a happy grace that adds happiness.

Psychology: males and females feel a part or all of themselves is of the gender of which they weren’t born. They create their own individual labels.

All live and define themselves in myriad ways.

The great majority defines themselves and those they desire in a sadly shallow, simply on and off condition: male or female. No blurring or interpenetration of gender color and style.

For me each individual definition is equally worth of love, adoration, tenderness and rich is the purely physical pleasures.

I can enjoy a broad spectrum of gender expression. But for me the ambiguously gendered to tease and defy the norms are so special I can’t fine adequate words to express how glad I am that they are alive.

Not that I despise the monosexual. But I’m glad I’m not you.

The flashes of color, the distinctive voices, the individuality of gender expression. I’m forever grateful they are alive.

Why Sodomite?

Discovering my same-sex affectional orientation was a revelation that kicked me out of a mindset that might have left me a defeated small-town boy.

And it was the despised drama queens with their fluttering wrists, arch mannerisms that tricked me out of erotic ignorance and into a life where unique beauties of gender, person and personality would leave me so very happy to be alive.

You know what I mean?

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I know this is not directly connected to what you wrote, but it is indirectly. Myself, I cant think about gender without thinking about what views society has on the matter. There are many reasons why, but most important of all I find many people I know are stuck with gender definitions that limit their own personalities.

I often try to go a bit deeper in how people see “gender”, a bit beyond the common seen “differences arent accepted” thought. Sometimes I wonder if I am being a bit “feminist”, if its possible for a male to be feminist, but I find that feminility, in general, is seen as degrading. It is degrading to be feminine or have feminine behavior, even if you are a woman.

I am not talking about butch women or guys that wear lipstick.

The general thought is that grace, tenderness, emotional thinking, are female characteristics. They dont necessarily need to be… but it is easier to place such patterns being followed by the girl dressed in pink next door than by the Engineer next door, right? So lets place them under female. The Engineer, on another hand, is competitive, shows strenght, and is rational on his way of thinking.

At work, well, actually just plain anywhere, a female would acquire more respect by following what set of behaviors? The first one, or second one?

There are certain situations where the first set is more valued, but usually there are people who follow the second set that order them around. Hospitals come instantly to my mind when I think about this. In my country, doctors are seens as much more important than nurses. It doesnt matters if its a woman, or a man as a doctor, or as a nurse, its the usual set of behavior that is expected from each professional that places them as less or more.

An aggressive woman is seen just as a “strong woman”. A guy that shows sensivity is just a sissy.

This goes for clothing as well. It is fine for women to wear otherwise male clothing. I dont know if this still goes on, but there was one a trend about women wearing male underwear. Now and then girls wear shirts, boots, that would fit a male as well.A girl can go and buy that metallica shirt, but if a guy decides he wants to buy that necklace with a tiny stone carved into a flower… he better be willing to stand for himself.

Its quite a oddity actually. People that are closer to the “female” side of the gender spectrum must be much tougher than their masculine counterparts if they want to achieve anything.

I consider myself a feminist man: constraints on a woman’s right to find self-expression, realize her potential, limit her income and freedom are evil.

What you say is true here. I don’t know if to the same degree. Brazil has a reputation as a country still more focused on machismo than America is now. No way for me to know if any of that is correct.

Almost all of my male friends are heterosexual. Being my friends they are strong on sympathy and empathy, tenderness and kindness. I’m sure there are plenty of straight guys who don’t allow that to show. That fear of being thought a sissy making them hide their softer qualities. The destructive kind of masculinity.

My own sense of my masculinity is that I am to be caring and protective. These are qualities I got from my momma. My male parent was very macho. Also violent and temperamental. And very afraid of homosexuality: his brother was gay. His masculinity was crippling.

The harsh queenish manner some gay men and transvestites develop is a form of armor against the disdain of conventional people. Sadly many become trapped by that and become unable to respond to other people without defensive sarcasm.

Hi I am doing some research on pansexuality for my MA dissertation and find your blogs really interesting. I was wondering if you or anyone reading this who identifies as pansexual would be interested in doing an email interview. My email is pomo_fabulosity@hotmail.co.uk Thank you Rachel

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