You're like some vestigial heterosexual!

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When I wrote about Getting Over Homer I'd meant to single out this passage:

You're like some vestigial heterosexual! You want your partner younger, smaller and submissive?

Even though it is only a fraction true it struck a guilty harmony within. The desire for someone younger is too common to merit a remark (though I eventually became grateful for those guys who like older men). Smaller? Yeah, seven inches less: 5'8". Submissive? {Cough} Well … not without appeal but I've always wound up with the boy bitch goddesses. And usually I've jumped through the hoops they pointed at.

I was on Amazon looking for something else when I ran across Boy-Wives and Female Husbands: Studies of African Homosexualities. Couldn't help but feel that I was off in my own private dimension when I found the title arousing. Getting a bodily response to a scholarly ethnological title is a mite odd. It'd make a good parody of the old saws about straight boys looking at National Geographic.

Same thing happened when I ran across an old Yahoo club with a title like Male Girlfriends and Those Who Love Them and the similar club about manwives. Guess I'm just erotically vulnerable to any oxymoron that plays on social gender qualities.

It isn't as if I've ever treated a boy like a girl, whatever that would mean. In this space I'd be the one who had to supply the meaning. I like being taller. Enjoy being able to pick him off the ground and into my arms. Put up with levels of prattle and illogic I'd normally not tolerate.

I put sexism into homosexuality. Not that I'd treat a woman that way. I guess. Living with one woman for five years isn't what you'd call scientific research. For a long time I've assumed that if my only female lover had worn perfume and adorned herself we wouldn't have become lovers. Assuming an incident for an essence.

Boygirl or girlboy, are they different? I typed that in innocence but I'd rather the girl be a boy than the boy prove to be a girl. Except maybe for Diana Rigg but she was a woman.

Not that I feel guilty. Or confused in the sense that my wonderment at my own sexuality distresses me. Too much happiness. Vain pleasure in analyzing myself to the point of tedium. The warm response of femme gay guys who've found a page of mine and felt appreciated by this distant stranger. Risking sounding full of myself, the latter has kept me writing about it. Hoping that I've if only for a few minutes helped them feel proud of being 'sissies' is my recompense for the pleasure they've given me by merely being alive even if I've never met them. And the androgynes who've blessed my life with their bodily warmth.

Getting a bit cloying there. If you are still with me you probably don't mind. I'm going to dodder off into my dotage happy simply to have seen that redheaded boy on Peachtree Street in Atlanta. The spare blonde on Sutter Street in San Francisco. And that man with eyeliner and an earring in Boston. I actually spoke to the latter and was reduced to a stuttering fool.

Boy wives, female husbands, male girlfriends, manwives, ladyboys … thank you all for shaping my life.


Boy wives, female husbands, male girlfriends, manwives, ladyboys … thank you all for shaping my life.

I could have written this sentence about my own life, which is possibly amusing considering I’m rather different from you. (40yr old Brit woman)

It was your interest in those who walk the white lines in the centre of the gender road that first drew me to PS, and I’ve been frequently entertained, intrigued and occasionally touched ever since. Thank you. :-)

“You’re like some vestigial heterosexual! You want your partner younger, smaller and submissive? “

Guilty as charged!

But then again I’m either old or older than most and at over 6’+ and 250lb (Oh my GOD I’m turning into John Wayne) most others are smaller as well. Perhaps a little more Grizzly Adams than John Wayne but who would get that reference?

That leaves submissive..hummmmm..Ok its true I’m a Top but I’m not a pushy top. It’s not like I want to control others, but there’s no way in hell I’ll allow others to control me. Walk with me as an equal, no problem. But push and I’ll push back with equal or greater force.

I also tend to lean towards the boy/girl lady boys. I like the mix of masculinity and femininity. After we pickout drapes that match the sofa we can rebuild the clutch on the car.

I’m comfortable on both side of that fence and do well with others that are as well.

I’m versatile as the personal ads say. I’d rather be on top but am comfortable with whatever. I don’t really connect top/bottom with dominant/submissive. Many people do but I tend to think of the act and not a role.

Didn’t see any girlish boys on your sample pages. Were you hiding the good stuff?

Good point, its been a while since I updated the sample pages and time to do so. But still when I talk of girlish boys I speak more of personality than looks, Several of my models are drag queens and I wouldn’t let them dress up for the shoot, I’m only interested in shooting them as men, but its their duel M/F personality that I find attractive.

I wasn’t thinking about transvestites. There are guys whose body language is on the border. That is what I’ve never really seen in erotica.

Your feelings?

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You're like some vestigial heterosexual!
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