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Three pairs of English gay guys spend a weekend in the countryside. The main couple (Paul and Ben), after having spent five years together, decide to split up. The second have been dating for five months. The sterotypically sensitive guy (Matthew) wants the two of them to shackup. The other half (Andrew)is inclinded more towards footloose and fancy free. The last pair is a guy with his younger one night stand. The setup is too balance and feels like a bad play.

The business proceeded well enough to sustain my interest. Until it turned out Owen had met Paul months ago and was only hanging around with Matthew with hopes of meeting Paul with whom he's smitten. That was so clumsy I felt at thoough it had been inserted while they were filming.

All the expected things happen including Paul and Ben decided to remain together.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Boyfriends.

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Culture Low and High
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