Electronic texts for academic use

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I've read some pop trash online. But I've avoided more substantial works. I don't like reading continuously on the computer screen. I've found that I'm more likely to read carelessly to jump around more. While I can and have printed and bound texts I've downloaded I'd much rather have a properly bound book in my hands.

And I've never cared for the sloppy textual errors in many e-texts. While for much of what I read I'll still need annotation and apparatus it is nice to know this repository is being built.

A major factor in the reluctance of some academics to use electronic texts has been that many are poorly produced, often lacking any proper documentation. Easy access to well-documented digital resources, adhering to recognized standards, is essential if they are to be accepted by the academic community as a whole. The Oxford Text Archive works to identify, collect, and preserve high-quality, well-documented electronic texts and linguistic corpora, which it then makes available to others.

The Oxford Text Archive

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Electronic texts for academic use
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