Proof that I'm damned (talking about TV shows)

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Almost apocalyptic aren't they. (It isn't a question.)

Even though he's hated the last couple of seasons Charles has retained his fidelity to the X-Files. I've watched the show with him because he wanted me to. I dismissed the program within its first few episodes. Long before it became a special treat for the gullible. The truth is out there? Nope, it is here, now and wholly quotian. Do you really think the poor morons who run the nation are cabable of a conspiracy more sublte than Enron?

So we saw the 'series finale.' The few X-Files fans I know weren't at all pleased. I though the conclusion was obvious cupidity. Two teams go their seperate ways. The final alien invasion takes place in ten years. Even George Lucas hasn't planned his sequels this well in advance. Just say to yourself It is only corporate product!

Inclining my head (if not my heart with the Psalmist) I watch Friends with Charles. It isn't a strain. I have such a strong weakness for comedy, even shallow comedy. Besides David Schwimmer is very attractive and Lisa Kudrow is pretty nice to look at as well. (It has been interesting in the grocery store checkout lines to note how Jennifer Aniston's libido appeal has skyrocketed since she married male bimbo #2.)

If any of them are really comic talents I suspect it is Matthew Perry or Courteney Cox
Arquette but only the future (where at least some of will be living) will tell. If we care.

As stupidly attractive as Sean Hayes or as much as any gay man might want to be Eric McCormack's partner the conclusion of this season of Will & Grace a dissapointment. I guess they had to have the two start try to sleep together at least once.

Having no interest in seeing my kidhood's icons manipulated by lowest common denominator pop culture I never expected to watch Smallville. But an entry in devon's journal led me that way. Just idle curiousity. I can't deny that I originally stayed because when Clark tilts his head a certain way and smiles it is an instance of beatific sensuality. As much as Clark warms my libido I can't deny that Lana inspires a tenderness in my het side that few women ever do. Particularly media women. When I think of women I'd like to make love to I'm most often cast back to a middle-aged woman with wrinkles in her forehead that was browsing our shop's poetry section.

Enough erotic mush. Of the concluding episodes I watch over this last week I'd have to say that Smallville was the most satifying. I hate to admit it but I'm looking forward to episode one of the next season.

How could I ever guessed when I established this journal a couple of years ago that I'd be watching so much of the goddamnednoisybox. (Pace Jubal Harshaw.)

Your feelings?

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Culture Low and High
Proof that I'm damned (talking about TV shows)
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