The Best Robert Crumb Interviews

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Fantagraphics puffery says:

Collecting four long out-of-print interviews from the Utne Independent Press Award-winning Comics Journal's archive in a oversized, art-book format ...

These are the finest, longest, and most comprehensive interviews ever conducted with the man—if you thought the Crumb film was intimate, than this collection, spanning his life and career, covering his peers and family, his views on sex, politics, art, racism and culture, his flirtations with success on America's terms and his later rejections of those terms, and his view of the world around him will surely impress

I read the interview from The Comic Journal back when it came out. It is the best interview with Crumb I've ever read. Anyone seriously interested in Crumb or underground comix should have a copy. I've often felt it should be reprinted and think it alone worth the price of the books. (I already own plenty of Crumb art, dont' need the coffee table pictures and don't care about the critical articles.)

Highest possible recommendation.

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The Best Robert Crumb Interviews
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