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I first discovered Harvey Fierstein on Politically Incorrect. He struck me as the funniest person ever on the show (making up a little for how dull Russ Meyer proved to be). I've never read the play so I don't know how much the text may have lost from abrigement. Don't have much to say about the film which I enjoyed mostly for Firestein's one-liners. It was a surprise to seem him younger, slimmer and clean-shaven. After the movie has had time to fade I think I'll read the play.


I think you’ll really enjoy the play when you read it. It fills out the characters more, particularly in the middle bit about the weekend in the country.

Also, any print of the movie I’ve seen has had dreadful sound, which reduces the impact of some of the lines.

A copy just came into my used bookshop. I’ll have to remember to snag it.

The copy I watched was anything but crisp but acceptable. Thanks.


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