Dinner wirh President Bush

Now here's something extremely baffling in an email from my partner:

You had a call this morning on behalf of Rep. Tom Reynolds inviting you to a dinner with President Bush. Wonder how you got on that list!? They didn't tell me how much the privelege would cost you, but you could get details at 1-800-245-2577 if you're curious.

Thanks but no rhanks.


Oh, I’d love to go. I wouldn’t pay for the honor, but I’d love to freak him out by kissing my wife in front of him.

Not even if they paid ME!

5 minutes of listening to Bush Jr I would pull a Bush Sr and puke all over the lap of the person sitting next to me.

Are u sure it’s not spam?

Spam maybe in the sense it is a standard way of raising money. But how I got on a list of rich Bush supporters baffles me.

A dinner with Bush could damage you for the rest of your life! How DID you get on that list?!

Somebody must be selling worthless leads to Republicans. If that is the case then I don’t mind.

The thought of getting near the beady-eyed man in the Whitehouse just makes me shudder.

I just received a similar telephone message. Perhaps, because I gave money to the Dean campaign, they think that I’m a Bush supporter. (All they need to do to dispel that notion is to google me!) Or perhaps they think I’m a business owner because they’re fishing through domain registration data and haven’t sorted out the difference between .com and .org.

my phone call sounded official. Too Bad I am a very left Democrat. I would get arrested if I showed up at this function.

I don’t really understand why you wouldn’t want to go. I don’t mind hanging around with people whose views I don’t share. It makes for a great time to discuss things with people, and learn new things and ‘study’ new views. It’s a great way to help yourself grow socially, and heck, you may even convince somebody you’re right.

June 17, 2005 got same phone call. (still think it might be worth about $8000 to get 3 women to grease paint “WMD” on their chests and get them to the fundraiser with a camera…) san jose ca.

I got one of these too…kind of odd…would love to go and call him a 21st Century Hitler

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Dinner wirh President Bush.

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Dinner wirh President Bush
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