The World Burned and Died

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The day the earth caught fire and burned up.

I looked into the sky and the clouds were turning black and sooty. The world was burning up and soon all mankind would be dead. I awoke.

And stayed up for almost an hour, too spooked to go back to bed.

Normally my dreams of humankind’s destruction are of the planet exploding. We all disintegrate in an instant.

But were the world to catch fire there’s be riots and human chaos, heat and the misery that brings.


I don’t know what happens in my particular fantasy, but when I wake up everyone is always just gone and I’m the only one left. The freedom, possibilities, and struggles are wonderful to contemplate.

Part of my heritage as a child of the Cold War was frequent dreams about nuclear war. Those vanished with Gorbachev and Perestroika.

My Earth explodes dreams come from reading lots and lots and lots of cheap science fiction pulp: at my peak three a day.

This dream was different in that it actually upset me. Probably another sign of anxiety.

As a child I lived in terror of three things:

  • nuclear bombs

  • sharks

  • cancer


I don’t let myself think of cancer. I was too heavy a smoker. I just accept it as a given.

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The World Burned and Died
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