Baptist war against gay marriage in Durham, North Carolina

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Some years ago Durham was listed as one of the ten most gay-friendly cities in the US by Out. An exaggeration I'm sure but I've always found it low in homophobia (but I own my own business, which is in the gay-friendlyest area of Durham.

Not that there hasn't been homophobic ugliness. Some years back the fundamentalist zanies tried to have a major recalled. There reasoning was anything but clear but they claimed his support of Duke University Medical Center's treatment of AIDS patients was a scheme to fill Durham with "perverts." The recall campaign failed.

The Baptists are at it again:

In a motion filed Thursday, the Revs. Ernest Ferrell and Gregory Clark asked to intervene in the lawsuit that Durham residents Richard Mullinax and Perry Pike filed March 22 after Durham County Register of Deeds Willie Covington rejected their marriage license application.

The next day, County Attorney Chuck Kitchen filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing that the couple's attorney had filed it in the wrong court. The suit should have been filed in Superior Court, not District Court, because the couple is trying to compel a public official to issue them a license, Kitchen said. The case is scheduled to be heard May 10.

In the new motion, however, the ministers say it is "highly improbable, if not impossible" for Kitchen to adequately represent their interests or the interests of the law because he previously advised his bosses, the Durham County Commissioners, during their decision to offer domestic partner benefits to gay county employees.

Tammy Grubb and Mark Schultz, The Durham Herald-Sun: 2 local ministers targeting same-sex marriage

Over thousands of years marriage has meant many things, sometimes little more than female slavery.

Baptist ministers Ernest Ferrell and Gregory Clark are opposing the couple in the legal fight, filing a motion to intervene. Their lawyer said it is first and foremost a moral issue.

"Upholding the meaning of marriage that has been thousands of years, and the entire history of the state of North Carolina, the belief in a man and a woman," attorney Michael Schmidt said.

Cheri Patrick represents Mullinax and Pike. While acknowledging that her clients cannot get married under North Carolina law, she said this is a fight about a license, not marriage.

"They're entitled to a license, and there is no requirement that a valid marriage follow the issuance of a marriage license," Patrick said. "So, whether they get married is irrelevant."

Ministers Join Legal Fight Against Local Gay Couple

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Durham, NC , Sodomitical Polity
Baptist war against gay marriage in Durham, North Carolina
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