Barely Able to Breathe

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Moving around the US has taught me how geography can affect health.

Many years ago after moving to Atlanta I developed a terrible sinus problem. There were fewer medications available back then and those that existed seemed to cause more suffering even if they ameliorated my symptoms (such seemed to often be the nature of medicine). When I moved from Atlanta my sinus attacked vanished as quickly as they came.

Here in North Carolina I a really odd problem. Once every winter I undergo some sort of allergic attack. My noses itches, I have postnasal drip. It happens only once and fades after only a few days. I don’t know anybody else who experiences this or what change in my environment prompts it.

Ordinarily I don’t much care. But this year it coincides with what we uselessly call a cold. The two combined are devastating. For the last three days my lung function has been greatly reduced. My breathing is so shallow it is a strain to walk across the street.

Heavy doses of expectorant, ephedrine and antihistamine restore some ability but I’m chary of taking too much. And can’t take the ephedrine if I want to sleep at night.

And nighttime is the worst. I’m sleeping sitting upright. If I recline it feels as if I’m drowning.

I’ll sure be glad when this passes.

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Durham, NC
Barely Able to Breathe
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