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Despite the site’s reputed popularity I’d never gone to Craigslist.

Even if I should decide to search it will be down the road apiece. But having been told repeatedly of Craigslist’s value as a venue for meeting other gay men, transpeople and the like I figured I might as well give it the eyeball.


At least as a source of queer and trans personal ads in Research Triangle Park Craigslist is impoverished. Unless your goal is to fellate or be fellated. Now as the possessor of both a penis and a mouth I’m aware of the pleasures of fellatio.

But oral sex or quick friction and goodbye seemed all that was to be found. I don’t fault that. Quick orgasms, anonymous sex are fine. Wholesome. Far more healthy than frustration or self-denial.

But if you want something that can be summed up in ten words or less Craigslist isn’t a useful tool.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Craigslist.

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Durham, NC
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