Dog shit & roses in Durham,NC

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Our neighbor left a bad of dog shit on our porch. Guess we did something to piss him off. Letting the dog shit in his yard seems a likely suspect. Pity he never mentioned it in the last couple of years.

And it settles the question of which neighbor called the city of Durham and got them to force us to cut the grass and weeds. To be fair he is trying to sell his house. One of three for sale in our block (the only block of Davidson Street).

I don’t blame him but if I could spare the money I’d hang a “Welcome Satanists” on the side of our porch facing his house.

Admittedly the yard looks much better. I covered a stretch with cardboard and rocks for a few weeks to kill the weeds. Planted a few roses, a couple of candytufts, put the cardboard back down and covered it with mulch.

As much as I’d like to replace the lilac that died last year we can’t justify buying plants this year.

Your feelings?

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Pansexual Sodomite
Durham, NC
Dog shit & roses in Durham,NC
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