Drunks & drug dealers in Durham, NC

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Drug dealers on my property

"Knock, knock, knock."

I open the door.

"I'm Detective Somebody and I'd like to talk you for a minute."

I go outside shutting the door behind me.

"We have reports there's drug activity going on here."

I go outside more than a little flustered. The detective asks if they can search the house. I say no. There isn't anything here (I hope) but I don't want the Durham PD in my house. The last time they made it in was The Boyfriend's heroin overdose a couple of years ago.

As words are exchanged it seems the focus of the complaints the Durham cops have received focus on our outbuilding (as we loftily term our junk crammed garage).

One of the things TB did that pissed me mightily is transact business with the local lowlife back there. Repeatedly I'd forbidden and almost as repeatedly he'd ignored me. But that was some time back.

Then I remembered the outbuilding winos.

Sometime back a couple of local drunks smashed the outbuilding's back window and made the place their bedroom. When I found out I told them to stay away. One night a couple of months ago I called the police not long before midnight to have one Matthew ejected.

Squatters' perspectives on property rights are odd. You'd think it was Matthew who was giving Wells Fargo a steady slice of his flesh every month to keep the mortgage out of foreclosure.

If anyone was still sleeping back there I didn't know about it. But without my getting up several times a night to check there's no way I would know. The outbuilding's unwanted tenants were up on the corner and I directed the cops to them.

Knowing it was pointless I tried to make clear in the Durham detective's mind that Julio was OK, at least as street drunks go. That Matthew was the one to mark. Talking to Julio a bit later it was clear he felt that I'd turned narc on him. Matthew wanted to speechify but when Matthew is about I just act as if he's the Invisible Man with laryngitis.

I made it very clear that I want no one on my property and that I'd be a delighted tax payer if they'd arrest anybody they find on it. I'm hoping the house will be kept under surveillance and trespassers as the signs say will be prosecuted.

Your feelings?

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Durham, NC
Drunks & drug dealers in Durham, NC
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